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Review: SmartRules app Promises simpler Logic Programming for SmartThings

If you consider the SmartThings app (and all the other SmartApps within) confusing then this may be just what you’ve been looking for.

SmartRules is a 3rd party app from obycode that promises to make it simpler to program powerful If While Then logic for your SmartThings system.

This weekends latest release (v1.4) includes first time support for UK SmartThings users too.


When you launch the app for the first time you connect it to your hub through the SmartThings Cloud.

Then you choose which devices you want to be controlled by SmartRules. It would be good to have a ‘select all’  option here rather than have to tick each individual device, but the developers tell us Samsung do not allow this option.

If you subsequently add a new device to your system you have two options to included it. First, you can logout and go through the setup process again to add it (your existing Rules are all safely retained). alternatively you can access the SmartRules SmartApp from the official SmartThings app on your device and add it there.


SmartRules takes advantage of officially supported SmartTings APIs and we asked the developers to comment on the safety and security aspects of the app…

SmartRules presents the authorization flow from SmartThings over HTTPS, where the user enters their username and password. This username and password are never seen or collected by SmartRules. during the authorization process, the user selects which devices SmartRules is allowed to access; devices not selected during this process are inaccessible by SmartRules. When the authorization process completes, SmartThings offers SmartRules a protected token to use for even more communication which is saved securely in the iOS keychain. At anytime (for example, if a device with SmartRules installed is lost or stolen) a user can simply delete the SmartRules SmartApp and it will no longer have access to anything.

Building the Logic

Once setup is completed you can get straight into building your ‘Rules’ which is an incredibly simple process carried out with a few taps on your smartphone. Each rule consists of three parts.

Triggers – Choose how you want to launch your rule from a huge variety of options. The If can be a basic time event, motion detection, energy usage, luminance or nearly any state of or value from the devices on your SmartThings network.

Conditions – This part is optional but it’s where the power lies, only performing the action While certain conditions are true. You can for example turn a light on While it’s dark. If you decide to use multiple conditions (eg motion Detected, Door is Open) you can select whether All or Any of these situations are required to be met before the action fires.

Actions – The resultant then output of your rule. options include running routines, speaking text, sending push notifications, locking / unlocking, turning on / off (plus the useful ‘toggle’ command) dim / brighten, take a picture etc.

It’s worth noting that the ‘after sunset’ and ‘before sunrise’ conditions both essentially imply ‘dark’ and there’s no need for the 2 conditions (after sunset, before sunrise) in your logic. There’s currently no way to add a plus or minus value to sunrise or sunset values (eg turn outside lights on 30 mins before sunset), but this is on the developers to do list. check out the current list of Triggers, conditions and actions at the bottom of this page. You assign each guideline an icon and there’s one of the best choices of graphics I’ve seen here (almost 250) to represent tasks.


It’s not immediately apparent what the ‘QuickTap’ set off is, but it’s a widget that adds a helpful way of triggering your Rules from buttons on your Today screen (the pull-down-from-the top quick access panel on your iPhone).

In addition SmartRules supports the Apple view giving you a way to set off those same guidelines that are on your Today screen from your wrist.

Ти водиш

As well as their commitment to adding new Triggers, Conditions, actions in the future, obycode tell us there are many UI improvements planned for the major v2.0 update that’s in the works.

SmartRules Lite is a totally free version of the app so you can have a try before you buy the fully featured version (currently £4.99).

There are plenty of other logic contractors and guideline machines available for SmartThings, but it you want an easy life we can heartily recommend SmartRules.

smartrulesapp.com  :  More SmartThings Posts

If This Happens


Изгрев залез

QuickTap (Today screen and Apple Watch)

Mode is activated/deactivated

Acceleration sensor starts/stops moving

Alarm siren/strobe/both turn on/off

Beacon arrives/leaves

Button is held/pressed

Contact sensor is opened/closed

CO is detected/cleared/tested

Dimmer level goes above/below/equal to value

Door is opening / opened / closing / closed / unknown

Energy goes above/below/equal to value

Humidity goes above/below/equal to value

Illuminance goes above/below/equal to value

Lock is locked/unlocked

Motion sensor detects motion / motion ends

Music player starts playing / stops pauses / mutes / unmutes

Power goes above/below/equal to value

Switch turns on/off

Temperature goes above/below/equal to value

Water sensor becomes wet/dry

Valve is opened/closed

While This is True

Time is before/after value

Time is before/after sunrise/sunset

Day of the week is

Mode is active/inactive

Acceleration sensor is/is not accelerating

Alarm siren/strobe/both are on/off

Beacon is/is not present

Button is held/pressed

Contact sensor is open/closed

CO sensor is detecting/clear/testing

Dimmer level is above/below/equal to value

Door is opening / open / closing / closed / unknown

Energy is above/below/equal to value

Humidity is above/below/equal to value

Illuminance is above/below/equal to value

Lock is locked/unlocked

Motion sensor is/is not detecting motion

Music player is playing / paused / muted / not muted

Power is above/below/equal to value

Switch is on/off

Temperature is above/below/equal to value

Water sensor is wet/dry

Valve is open/closed

Then Do This

Run routine or Hello, home phrase

Activate mode

Notify through SMS/push notification

Turn a switch on / off or toggle it

Set dimmer level

Turn alarm siren/strobe/both on/off

Take a picture with a camera

Open/close a door

Lock/unlock a lock

Push a momentary switch

Play/pause/stop/mute/unmute/next/previous/volume control/play url on a music player

Speak text with a speech synthesizer

Beep a tone device

Open/close a valve



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smartrulesapp.com  :  More SmartThings Posts

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